The Last Bastion

Thousands of years ago, the world was tranquil. Travel was safe, and the races were spread throughout the world. Small town and villages littered the countryside. One day, seemingly without warning, those towns and villages started to disappear. They were found burned, looted, ravaged, and even destroyed.

Scouts that managed to survive brought with them terrible news. A large horde of monsters had been stampeding across the land, destroying all in their path. No one knew where they came from, but the creatures were fast, and extremely deadly.

The Last Bastion was born. A great city, behind a giant wall. The survivors of the 5 largest nations of the world gathered together to survive behind giant walls, putting aside past hatreds and differences so they might survive.

For generations, it was a struggle to survive the constant assault. Choosing to defend rather than attack, the city lived. Over time the Wildmen, as they had come to be called, slowed their assault on the city and re-settled their new world.

Much was lost in the uprising. Entire libraries burned, much treasure was left behind as the owners were given the choice to leave it or die at the hands of the wildmen. Ancient relics and sacred sites now lie desecrated, overgrown, and lost to time.


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